How is it to live in Monaco

Most people who have visited the French Riviera have been in Monaco and have enjoyed the fascinating atmosphere with the Prince Palace,
Casino Monte Carlo, the Casino Square, the 2 ports etc.

But how is daily life in Monaco?

Why Monaco? Why do many millionaires and billionaires live in Monaco? Is it good to live in Monaco?
For many people the first thought, when they think of Monaco is that it's a place with the richest population and no tax.
But Monaco is much more than that, we can ensure.

One of the best reasons to move to Monaco is, that it is one of the most saftest places in the world!
It is liberating to live in a country, that has a close to zero crime as possible. There are police officers everywhere, and many are civilian.
Most streets are video-surveilled and Monaco has zero tolerance for crime. Everyone feels totally safe in Monaco.

Beside that the population are extremely friendly and actually very helpful-much more than you can expect.
Most residents care about each other and do what they can to help. It makes us feel at home.
Most residents are very open minded. It is normal, that if you have seen someone 3-4 times in the supermarket etc you start to say "bonjour".
If you have been to a café or restaurant some few times, the employees will ask "comment ca va?" (how are you?).

Monaco is very clean. Every day all streets are cleaned. The population has a high discipline and it is not often you find trash etc on the street.
Monaco is very beautiful and is surrounded by the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is very good most of the year, and the sun is shining nearly every day.
It is a very international community, and there are many children and good schools. We have the International School of Monaco and the International University of Monaco as well.

There are a lot of activity for children and young people.

In Monaco you will also find a lot of sport activities in all categories, and there are great fitness centers and many personal coaches as well.

The daily costs for living are not expensive. It is like in France.
But the real estate prices are the highest in the world. The country is very small and there are only 2 possibilities if more apartment is needed.
That is to break down a building and build a higher building or build in the sea.

Because the prices have increased nearly every year the last 40 years in Monaco many investors buy real estate in Monaco as an investment and rent it out on a long-term basis.

Someone says Monaco is like a Disney Land for adults. There are many restaurants, café, night clubs etc.
Many huge activities take place in Monaco. To mention but a few we have Formula 1, the worlds biggest yacht show,
Rallye Monte Carlo, Rolex Masters Tennis, Top Marques and International Jumping every year.

If you like to gamble, there are many Casino´s in Monaco whereof Casino Monte Carlo is the most famous.

When you visit Port Hercule you will find some of the world's most fantastic yachts,
and Monaco also have the very huge and impressive yacht club.

The Port of Fontvieille is big as well and beautiful located below the rock and the Prince Palace.
There are many international associations in Monaco, where you can be member so it is quite easy to meet other people with the same interesses.

It is easy to get to the Airport of Nice. You can go by a helicopter in 10 minutes. But by car or the high way bus it takes only 35 minutes as well.

Monaco has a very good hospital Centre Hopitalier Princesse Grace. Beside that we have IM2S as well plus of course a huge range of doctors, specialists etc.
You are in safe hands in Monaco.

There are about 38.000 inhabitants in Monaco.

How to move to Monaco? Can you just move to Monaco? No, you need to get a Resident Card at the Police. There is a procedure for this.

But before you ask for it, you need two things. You need to find a place to live in Monaco and to open a bank account in Monaco.
You need of course your passport and personal papers (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, clean criminal report etc)
When you have this, you can apply for a Resident Card.

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