Advisor in the sale of real estate

We see the sale of a property as an investment!

One of our main areas is to be advisor in the sale of real estate in France, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Spain etc.

How to sell a property in these countries most efficient?

Normally case

When property owners manage the sale themselves most of them put the property on the market with 3-4 brokers, which make sense, but they work in different ways.

They have different descriptions, marketing etc. Often the property is advertised twice or more in the same Magazine due to a lack of coordination between the brokers.
The owner needs to follow up on each agency to be updated on the status of the sale.

Speed up the sales process and save time and worries!

Let us do all the work as your advisor without any further cost (call us and we will explain you how).
We are experts in this kind of management, and when we have visited the property, we define the target group for it. Hereafter we find the right agencies,
who can match the target group, and we screen the agents to find the best once.

We make the marketing plan, property description, select photos etc, and we coordinate, who do what and when.
One of the very important tasks is, that we follow up on each agent, until the property is sold. This has given very good results, because we coach the agents with our international experience.
In the south of Europe things are not always done the same way as anywhere else. E. g. when you sign a purchase agreement some places the owner is bound,
but the buyer has up to 3 months to raise the capital. A lot can happen in 3 months and often buyers change their minds!

We ensure that checks and clauses are in place before signing so we can guarantee a quicker turnaround avoiding the 3 months wait.
We are a Scandinavian team with more than 20 years of experience in property deals on the Riviera etc. Scandinavian business people are known as very efficient and reliable.
We have experience in property deals in many countries (France, Monaco, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and Germany). Therefor we have seen things be done differently
and much more efficient than in south of Europe. And we use this knowledge, which you can benefit from as the seller.

In our experience, things can take a long time in France, Monaco, Switzerland and Spain, once a buyer has chosen a property, there are still many things, that have to take place
before the sale can go ahead. As your advisor we coordinate a speedy execution of this process, and we ensure that as little time as possible is waisted by the Notary, townhall etc

Sellers using us as their advisor will benefit from the
following, to name but a few:

  • We define the target group - and find the most trustworthy estate agents and ensure an ongoing evaluation and professional marketing
  • The buyer is bound faster by the transaction due to our specific clauses that prevent the 3 months waiting time after signing the purchase agreement
  • We ensure the seller will be advised in tax matters, the legalities etc
  • We follow up on the estate agents regularly (this has produced great results)
  • We take care of everything until the end
  • The owner doesn't have to waste time on any follow up
  • Our work and advice are free of charge for the owner
  • The owner will not be disturbed by the brokers

If you are considering selling your French, Monegasque, Swiss, Italian or Spanish property, let us give you a detailed and concrete
presentation of, how we can optimize the sale of it. Call us at (+33) 64 06 16 500 or email us at

The difference between coordinating the sale yourself
and using us as advisor can be illustrated like this:


The owner coordinates the sale himself
The owner uses us as advisor to coordinate the sale:
Our background?

Helle Skovby is educated as a real estate broker in Denmark. It takes many years compared to the south of Europe, where you can be educated very quickly. We have a deep knowledge in legal and practical matters in real estate trading d.own here with more than 20 years of experience.

Michael Skovby Nielsen has more than 25 years of experience in international property deals, financial matters and cross border tax and financial matters and have made several books regarding this, including 2 with Deloitte and 1 with KPMG.

We are at your service at phone no. +33 64 06 16 500 or +33 64 39 14 317