How to get a much more efficient sale or purchase
of real estate and avoid pitfalls?

France, Switzerland, Italy etc.

If you and your family need professional advice in some or many matters, you can benefit from Mediterranean Multi Family Office S.A.M.´s experience.

We are advisors in many areas but our main area is to secure top professional advises in the sale or purchase of luxury properties in
France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark etc.

Our clients have had great results such as optimized prices, fast processes, efficiency, security etc.
We take care of, what we are experts in on your behalf, so you can take care of your matters.
Many have realized, that a professional adviser can save a fortune to you! See A case from the real world

We can set up a meeting, where you can tell us your wishes and needs, and we can make a plan.
Just call us at +33 64 06 16 500 or sent an email at

Mediterranean Multi Family Office

Welcome to you from

Helle Skovby &
Michael Skovby Nielsen.

About Us

Our Services

Advisor in the
sale of real estate

Get much more activity at your sale of real estate. Secure your assets in real estate. French property, Monegasque property, Italian property and Swiss property

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Advisor in the
purchase of real estate

We do the search for you as your advisor. You will get advice in all matters related to your family structure, wishes and needs (including inheritance planning, tax etc), secure your assets in the property, mortgage, bank contacts etc.

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Developing of
real estate etc

Project management, contracts matters, surveillance, inspection, development of projects etc.

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Relocation to Monaco,
France or Switzerland

Purchase or rent of real estate, residency cards, driving license, car registration, interior design, insurance, office, schools etc. How to relocate to Monaco, France or Switzerland. French property, Swiss property, Monegasque property.

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Asset management

We don´t manage assets but we can research the market based on your risk profile, wishes and needs.

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Succession, structures

Setting ups, transfers, relocation, family management, succession, contracts etc.

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Everyday support

Secretary assistance, travel booking, recommendations, events, shopping, hiring and management of employees etc.

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Yachts, cars,
private jets, art etc.

Management of purchase or sale, search & selection etc.

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We are at your service at phone no. +33 64 06 16 500 or +33 64 39 14 317