Advisor in the purchase of real estate

Over the years many buyers have used us for our experience when they are going to purchase a property, and most properties were purchased at interesting prices.

We can be your advisor without any costs (call us and we will explain how).

How to purchase a French, Monegasque, Swiss, Italian or Spanish property the best way?

You don't ave to contact a lot of agencies. Tell us your wishes and needs, and we will find a selection of properties matching this.
An agent looks into their own portfolio, but we look into the whole market.

As we have extensive experience in dealing with properties in many countries, we are able to advice you on matters in a much more efficient way than the local agents,
whose knowledge is very often limited to their own market only.

We ensure that both buyer and seller are bound by their decision faster than normal, and this makes the seller more open to negotiation,
as they do not want a long drawn-out process. Our checks and clauses ensure, that the parties are committed to the purchase early.

Many buyers are foreigners, so they are not necessarily familiar with the rules, legal and practical matters etc, and the law can be very different compare to other countries.
With our background we prepare you in all matters.

Helle Skovby is educated as a real estate broker in Denmark.

It takes many years compared to in the south of Europe, where you can be educated very quickly.
We have a deep knowledge in legal and practical matters in real estate trading down here with more than 20 years of experience.

Michael Skovby Nielsen has more than 25 years of experience in international property deals, financial matters and cross border tax
and financial matters and have made several books regarding this, including 2 with Deloitte and 1 with KPMG.

Many buyers use us as their advisor with the following benefits,
to name a few:

  • Our international knowledge means that the sellers see us as attractive buyers
  • Therefore, we can often acquire properties at great prices and conditions
  • The buyer is advised on tax-, inheritance, financial matters etc, and we cooperate with specialist as well
  • Our local knowledge helps avoid mistakes, and we help the buyer until the end
  • The agents must only take care of the seller's interest and not the buyer's
  • We only take care of the buyer's interest in these cases and look into the hole market
  • The buyer only speaks with one advisor
  • The buyer will therefore not be disturbed by a lot of agents

If you are in the market for buying a French, Monegasque, Swiss, Italian or Spanish property, we analyze your wishes and needs
and come up with a concrete purchase strategy, tax plan and a plan for which form the purchase of the property should take
(all depending on your family situation etc.).

The difference between a buyer finding a property himself
or using us as his advisor, can be illustrated as follows:

The buyer finds the property himself
Advisor in the purchase of real estate
The buyer uses us as his advisor to find the best property:
Advisor in the purchase of real estate

We are at your service at phone no. +33 64 06 16 500 or +33 64 39 14 317